Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur are celebrated in accordance with the orthodox liturgy with a “baal tfilah” (prayer leader), a “chasan” (cantor) and a permanent “minyan”.

Passover (Pessach): On every first Passover Seder , the entire congregation gathers to celebrate with the prayer leader and invited guests

Purim:  is celebrated with  members and friends in the community center

Hanukkah:  we  light the candles together with members and friends in the community center

Shabbat Service – “Kabbalat Schabbat”: the first friday of the month – advance announcement:

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14. August 2016/5776 “Tisha Be-Av” (Fast day)
י באב תשע”ו
02. October 2016 “Erev Rosh Hashana” / Rosh Hashana´s eve
03./04. October 2016/5777 Rosh Hashana
כט באלול -ב בתשרי תשע”ו

11. October 2016/5777 “Erew Kippur” / Kippur´s eve
12. October 2016/5777 Jom Kippur
ט-י בתשרי תשע”ו

16. October 2016/5777 “Erew Sukkot” / Sukkot´s eve
17. October / 28. October 2016/5777 Sukkot
יד-כא בתשרי תשע”ו

24. October 2016/5777 Schmini Azereth
כב בתשרי תשע”ו

25. October 2016/5777 Simchat Torah
כג בתשרי תשע”ו

25. December 2016/5777 Hanukkah 1. candle
26. December – 01. January 2017/5777 Hanukkah
כה בכסלו תשע”ו – ב בטבת תשע”ו

01. February 2017/5777 Tu Bischwat
טו בשבט תשע”ו

12. March 2017/5777 Purim
יג-יד באדר א תשע”ו

10. April 2017/5777 “Erev Pessach” (First Passover Seder)
11.  – 18. April 2017/5777 Passover
יד-כב בניסן תשע”ו

24. April 2017/5777 “Jom haShoah” / Holocaust day
כז בניסן תשע”ו

01. May 2017/5777 Israel Soldiers Memorial day
ג באייר תשע”ו

02. May 2017/5777 “Jom haAtzma’ut” / Israel Independance day
ד באייר תשע”ו

24. May 2017/5777 “Jom Yerushalayim” / Jerusalem day
כח באייר תשע”ו

31. May/01. June 2017/5777 Shavuot
ה-ו בסיון תשע”ו

01. August 2017/5777 “Tisha Be-Av” (Fast day)
י באב תשע”ו