Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur are celebrated in accordance with the orthodox liturgy with a “baal tfilah” (prayer leader), a “chasan” (cantor) and a permanent “minyan”.

Passover (Pessach): On every first Passover Seder , the entire congregation gathers to celebrate with the prayer leader and invited guests

Purim:  is celebrated with  members and friends in the community center

Hanukkah:  we  light the candles together with members and friends in the community center

Shabbat Service – “Kabbalat Schabbat”: the first friday of the month – advance announcement:

Mazzot and kosher wine are available in the office of the IKG Innsbruck

Kosher Products – For the “Hamadrich Kosherlist” 2017 please contact the secretary or find information here: Homepage der IKG Wien


20. September 2017 Erew Rosch HaSchana
21./22. September 2017/5778 Rosch Haschana

29. September 2017/5778 Erew Jom Kippur
30. September 2017/5778 Jom Kippur

4. Oktober 2017/5778 Erew Sukkot
5. Oktober / 12. Oktober 2017/5778 Sukkot

12. Oktober 2017/5778 Schmini Azereth
13. Oktober 2017/5778 Simchat Thora

12. Dezember 2017/5778 Chanukka 1st candle
13. Dezember / 20. Dezember 2017/5778 Chanukka